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// Verilog Behavioral Simulator
// Copyright (C) 1995-1997,2001,2002 Lay Hoon Tho, Jimen Ching
// This file is part of the Verilog Behavioral Simulator package.
// See the file COPYRIGHT for copyright and disclaimer information.
// See the file COPYING for the licensing terms and conditions.
// See the file CONTRIBUTORS for a list of contributing authors.
// st_trig.cc

#include "common/st_net.h"
#include "common/st_task.h"
#include "common/st_trig.h"
#include "stmt/taskenbl.h"
#include "stmt/strigger.h"

trigger_st_node::trigger_st_node(task_caller_type *t, stmt_type *p)
      _caller = t;
      _parent = p;

trigger_st_node::operator()(st_task *p) const
      const st_task::str_type &name(p->name());

      // Test whether we were delayed before.
      if (p->_delayed == true)
            p->_delayed = false;
            goto continue_from_delay;

      // Initialize local variables.
      if (p->_iovariable != 0)
            entry_iovars(*(p->_iovariable), *(_caller->_argument));

      // Trigger statement and pass in the caller.  The argument is
      // usually the parent statement, but the trigger function needs
      // data from the caller if the task is a system task.
      if (name[0] == '$')
            // System tasks do not have delays in them.
            if (p->_stmt->trigger(trigger_stmt(_parent)) == false)
                  p->_delayed = true;
                  return false;

      // Set output variables.
      if (p->_iovariable != 0)
            exit_iovars(*(p->_iovariable), *(_caller->_argument));

      return true;

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