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// Verilog Behavioral Simulator
// Copyright (C) 1995-1997,2001,2002 Lay Hoon Tho, Jimen Ching
// This file is part of the Verilog Behavioral Simulator package.
// See the file COPYRIGHT for copyright and disclaimer information.
// See the file COPYING for the licensing terms and conditions.
// See the file CONTRIBUTORS for a list of contributing authors.
// st_net.h
// Symbol table node to store net information.

#ifndef _ST_NET_H
#define _ST_NET_H

#include "common/ptr.h"
#include "common/event.h"
#include "common/st_node.h"
#include "stmt/stmtbase.h"

class st_net : public st_node_base
      friend struct monitor_st_node;
      friend struct evaluate_st_node;
      friend struct setup_st_node;
      friend struct trigger_st_node;

      friend struct st_net_assign;
      friend struct st_net_evaluate;
      friend struct setup_expr;
      friend struct trigger_expr;
      friend struct setup_port;
      friend struct decl_setup;

      typedef num_type::position_type position_type;
      typedef num_type::size_type size_type;
      typedef list_type<hash_type> hash_list;
      typedef stmt_base stmt_type;
      typedef event_base<stmt_type> event_type;
      typedef event_type::event_container cache_type;
      // Multiple expressions could be pointing to the same event.
      // Only one event is passed to the monitor function object.
      typedef counted_ptr<event_type> event_ptr;
      typedef list_type<event_ptr> monitor_list;

      typedef list_type<hash_type> io_list;
      typedef stmt_base::expr_type expr_type;
      typedef basic_ptr<expr_type> arg_type;
      typedef list_type<arg_type> arg_list;
      friend void entry_iovars(io_list &, arg_list &);
      friend void exit_iovars(io_list &, arg_list &);

      enum iodirection_type { UNDEF, IN, OUT, INOUT };

      st_net(const str_type &, net_type = PORT, iodirection_type = UNDEF);

      st_net *get_net();

      // For $dump API.
      const position_type port_msb() const
            { return _storage->stop_pos(); }
      const position_type port_lsb() const
            { return _storage->start_pos(); }
      const size_type size() const
            { return _storage->size(); }
      const size_type depth() const
            { return _upper_mem_idx - _lower_mem_idx; }
      bool changed() const
            { return _changed; }
      void changed(bool b)
            { _changed = b; }

      ostream_type &display(ostream_type &) const;
      bool monitor(const monitor_type &);
      const num_type &evaluate(const evaluate_type &) const;
      void setup(const setup_type &);

      // Utility for trigger.
      void assignment(const char *, int, position_type, position_type);
      void assignment(const num_type &, position_type, position_type,
                              position_type, position_type);

      net_type _type;
      iodirection_type _iodirection;
      bool _changed;

      // Net types need temporary storage.  This is also used as a
      // check to make sure the net type was declared correctly.
      num_type *_storage;
      num_type *_result;
      position_type _upper_mem_idx, _lower_mem_idx;

      // Ports are nets too, and need special information.
      hash_type *_port_index;
      position_type _port_ms, _port_ls;

      // List of monitor statements for reg and wires.
      monitor_list *_monitor;

// Function object to help with assignments.  Code in st_util.cc.
// Put declaration here so we don't need to include st_net.h in st_util.h.
struct st_net_assign
      typedef st_net::num_type num_type;
      typedef st_net::position_type position_type;

      st_net_assign(st_net &n)
            : _net(n)
      void operator()(const char *, int, position_type, position_type);
      void operator()(const num_type &, position_type, position_type,
                              position_type, position_type);
      st_net &_net;

// Function object to help in simulation.
struct st_net_evaluate
      typedef st_net net_type;
      typedef net_type::num_type num_type;
      typedef net_type::position_type position_type;

      st_net_evaluate(const st_net &n)
            : _net(n)
      const num_type &operator()(position_type, position_type,
            position_type, position_type, bool) const;
      const st_net &_net;

#endif // _ST_NET_H

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