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// Verilog Behavioral Simulator
// Copyright (C) 1995-1997,2001,2002 Lay Hoon Tho, Jimen Ching
// This file is part of the Verilog Behavioral Simulator package.
// See the file COPYRIGHT for copyright and disclaimer information.
// See the file COPYING for the licensing terms and conditions.
// See the file CONTRIBUTORS for a list of contributing authors.
// error.h
// This is the standard error reporting mechanism for VBS.  Any error
// conditions that vbs detects will be enumerated here as a macro.  If
// the error is not here, it's most likely not detected.  In the future,
// I hope to make this object streamable.
// To add a new error to detect, include a message in messages (error.cc),
// and add a constant to value_type.

#ifndef _ERROR_H
#define _ERROR_H

#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include "common/dstack.h"

struct vbs_error
      typedef int size_type;
      typedef std::string str_type;
      typedef std::stringstream strstream_type;

      static str_type messages[];

      enum state_type
            SS_NONE = 0x00,

            SS_PREPROCESS_ONLY = 0x01,
            SS_COMPILE_ONLY = 0x02,
            SS_READOBJ_ONLY = 0x04,
            SS_MODE_MASK = 0x0f,

            SS_PREPROCESS = 0x10,
            SS_COMPILE = 0x20,
            SS_SETUP = 0x40,
            SS_SIMULATE = 0x80,
            SS_STATE_MASK = 0xf0

      enum value_type
            SE_NONE, // No errors or warnings.

            // System errors.
            SE_FILEOPEN, // Unable to open file.
            SE_FILECLOSE, // Unable to close file.
            SE_FILEREAD, // Unable to read from file.
            SE_FILEWRITE, // Unable to write into file.
            SE_FILECREATE, // Unable to create file.
            SE_FILEDELETE, // Unable to delete file.

            // Errors related to symbol table.
            SE_STINIT, // Symbol table not initialized (if changed, change
                 // hash_value too).
            SE_STFULL, // Symbol table is full.
            SE_STDUP, // Duplicate symbol in symbol table.
            SE_STDEF, // Symbol not found.

            // Parser errors.
            SE_PSYMBOL, // Unexpected symbol.
            SE_PKEYWORD, // Unexpected keyword.
            SE_PEOF, // Unexpected end of file.

            // Errors related to task/function calls and module instantiations.
            SE_NTASK, // Not a task or system task.
            SE_NFUNCTION, // Not a function or system function.
            SE_TFSUPPORT, // System task/function not yet supported.
            SE_NARGLST, // Wrong number of arguments.
            SE_INVARG, // Invalid argument(s).
            SE_FMTSPEC, // Missing type specifier in format string.
            SE_FMTUNKN, // Unknown type specifier in format string.
            SE_FMTSYM, // Invalid symbol in format string.
            SE_FMTNOTERM, // No termination in format string.
            SE_NOFMT, // No format string specified.
            SE_PORT, // Ports and declarations do not match.
            SE_IODECL, // Invalid io declaration.
            SE_WIREDECL, // Invalid wire declaration.
            SE_REGDECL, // Invalid register declaration.
            SE_INTDECL, // Invalid integer declaration.
            SE_MEMDECL, // Invalid memory declaration.
            SE_PARAMDECL, // Invalid parameter declaration.
            SE_RECURSE, // Recursive instantiation of module.

            // General Errors...
            SE_SUPPORT, // Unsupported construct.
            SE_INTERNAL, // Internal simulator error.
            SE_NTOPLVL, // No top-level module found.
            SE_RANGE, // Invalid Range.
            SE_IDXORDER, // Order of indices are wrong.
            SE_MULTDEFLT, // Only one default case is allowed.
            SE_TYPE, // Invalid type for this usage.
            SE_NLVAL, // Not an lvalue.
            SE_REPEAT, // Repeated operation.
            SE_VBSOBJ, // Error in VBS object file.
            SE_PROGRAM // Error in executing program.

      str_type _program_name; // Our name to the system.
      Stack<str_type> _file_name; // File name with error.
      size_type _line_number; // Line number of error.
      value_type _value; // Error value.
      state_type _state; // State of simulator.


      const str_type &get_program_name() const;
      void set_program_name(const str_type &);
      void push_filename(const str_type &);
      void pop_filename(void);
      void set_data(value_type, size_type);
      void set_state(state_type);
      void clear_state(state_type);
      bool test_state(state_type);
      void out(const str_type &);
      void out(strstream_type &);

extern vbs_error vbs_err;

#endif // _ERROR_H

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