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// Verilog Behavioral Simulator
// Copyright (C) 1995-1997,2001,2002 Lay Hoon Tho, Jimen Ching
// This file is part of the Verilog Behavioral Simulator package.
// See the file COPYRIGHT for copyright and disclaimer information.
// See the file COPYING for the licensing terms and conditions.
// See the file CONTRIBUTORS for a list of contributing authors.
// error.cc
// Modularized error messages.  See error.h on how to add more error
// detection.

#include "common/error.h"

// progname: file_name[line_number] -value- messages (arg)
// Example:
//    vbs: test.v[101] -4- syntax error, unexpected symbol (xxx)

vbs_error vbs_err;

vbs_error::str_type vbs_error::messages[] =
      str_type("no errors or warnings"),

      // File system errors.
      str_type("unable to open file"),
      str_type("unable to close file"),
      str_type("unable to read from file"),
      str_type("unable to write into file"),
      str_type("unable to create file"),
      str_type("unable to delete file"),

      // Errors related to symbol table.
      str_type("symbol table not initialized"),
      str_type("symbol table is full"),
      str_type("duplicate symbol in symbol table"),
      str_type("undefined symbol"),

      // Paser errors.
      str_type("unexpected symbol"),
      str_type("unexpected keyword"),
      str_type("unexpected end of file"),

      // Errors related to task and function calls.
      str_type("not a task or system task"),
      str_type("not a function or system function"),
      str_type("system task/function not yet supported"),
      str_type("Wrong number of arguments"),
      str_type("Invalid argument(s)"),
      str_type("missing type specifier in format string"),
      str_type("unknown type specifier in format string"),
      str_type("invalid symbol in format string"),
      str_type("no termination in format string"),
      str_type("no format string specified"),
      str_type("ports and declarations do not match"),
      str_type("invalid io declaration"),
      str_type("invalid wire declaration"),
      str_type("invalid register declaration"),
      str_type("invalid integer declaration"),
      str_type("invalid memory declaration"),
      str_type("invalid parameter declaration"),
      str_type("recursive instantiation of module"),

      // General Errors...
      str_type("unsupported construct"),
      str_type("internal simulator error"),
      str_type("no top-level module found:\n"
                   "\tA top-level module is a module that is not instantiated by\n"
                   "\tany other module.  VBS needs a top-level module as a driver\n"
                   "\tto initiate test vectors"),
      str_type("invalid range"),
      str_type("order of indices are wrong"),
      str_type("only one default case is allowed"),
      str_type("invalid type for this usage"),
      str_type("not an lvalue"),
      str_type("repeated operation"),
      str_type("error in VBS object file"),
      str_type("error in executing program")

      : _state(SS_NONE)

vbs_error::out(strstream_type &mesg)
      str_type s;
      s = mesg.str();

vbs_error::out(const str_type &mesg)
      extern void vbs_warn(int, const char *, const char *);
      extern void vbs_fatal(int, const char *, const char *);
      strstream_type s;

      s << _program_name << ": ";
      s << _file_name.top() << '[';
      if (_line_number > 0)
            s << _line_number;
      s << "] ";

      if (_value != SE_NONE)
            s << "-" << (int) _value;
      s << "- " << messages[_value];

      // Display the message.
      s << " (" << mesg << ").";

      const char *state;
      switch (_state)
            case SS_SIMULATE: state = "simulation"; break;
            case SS_SETUP: state = "setup"; break;
            case SS_COMPILE: state = "compilation"; break;
            case SS_PREPROCESS: state = "preprocess"; break;
            default: state = "unknown state"; break;

      // Should never return.
      if ((_state & SS_PREPROCESS) || (_state & SS_COMPILE))
            vbs_warn(_value, state, s.str().c_str());
            vbs_fatal(_value, state, s.str().c_str());

const vbs_error::str_type &
vbs_error::get_program_name() const
      { return _program_name; }

vbs_error::set_program_name(const str_type &pn)
      { _program_name = pn; }

vbs_error::push_filename(const str_type &fn)
      { _file_name.push(fn); }

      { _file_name.pop(); }

vbs_error::set_data(value_type num, size_type ln)
      _value = num;
      _line_number = ln;

vbs_error::set_state(state_type s)
      { _state = (state_type) (_state | s); }

vbs_error::clear_state(state_type s)
      { _state = (state_type) (_state & ~(s)); }

vbs_error::test_state(state_type s)
      { return (_state & s); }

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