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// Verilog Behavioral Simulator
// Copyright (C) 2000-2001 George Varughese
// With modifications from:
//  Jimen Ching <jching@flex.com>
// This file is part of the Verilog Behavioral Simulator package.
// See the file COPYRIGHT for copyright and disclaimer information.
// See the file COPYING for the licensing terms and conditions.
// See the file CONTRIBUTORS for a list of contributing authors.
// dump_vcd.h

#ifndef _DUMPVCD_H
#define _DUMPVCD_H

#include <map>
#include "common/st_net.h"
#include "common/dumpinfo.h"

class dump_vcd : public dump_base
      typedef net_type::num_type num_type;
      typedef std::map<net_type *, str_type, std::less<net_type*> > hashtable_type;

      dump_vcd(dump_stream &);

      void create_header();
      void dump_values();
      void dump_all();
      void dump_on();
      void dump_off();

      void pre_second_pass();
      void second_pass(ident_type *, int, net_list *);
      void post_second_pass();

      str_type file_name;
      str_type _get_next_name_string; // Stores possible chars.
      str_type _get_next_name; // Return value.
      int _get_next_name_index;
      int _get_next_name_chars;
      int _get_next_name_end;
      int _current_top_level;
      net_list n_lst; // List of all nets.
      hashtable_type name_table; // Returns the st_net * for a mangled name.

      str_type get_next_name();

#endif // _DUMPVCD_H

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